ZHILI stainless steel products co.,ltd is a professional enterprise based on China, with high-end door and window hardware technology as the cornerstone of development. So far,ZLEE HARDWARE has become a high quality supplier of many famous doors and windows manufacturing enterprises, doors and windows and curtain wall engineering construction institutions both at home and abroad.In many high quality properties around the world, hardware of doors and windows imprinted  ZLEE stimulates a firm belief of developing ZLEE HARDWARE!

In the early stage of the development of the enterprise, the technical engineer team of ZLEE HARDWARE has begun to design open and close system hardware control product of the new building door and window based on the high-end application requirements of the global users,and put into the long-term test and promote continuously. Relying on the advantages of R & D, manufacturing, marketing and engineering services in Zhaoqing Guangdong modern industrial base, with Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao as the center to the global port, related to close strategic cooperation between many well-known enterprises both at home and abroad, ZLEE HARDWARE delivers series products of ZLEE HARDWARE to the countries and regions of the world, lets the world understand China's manufacturing,and makes ZHILI become the backbone of the new Chinese spirit of manufacturing!

The core technology application of ZLEE HARDWARE covers all kinds of hardware integrated opening and closing systems in building curtain walls, flat doors and windows, sliding doors and windows, committed to providing customers with more ideal solutions for technological applications. ZLEE HARDWARE continue to provide customers with market oriented product application solutions,relying on the advantages in stainless steel casting and new technology. Advantages of ZLEE HARDWARE are not only reflected in the possession of advanced technology and products, more importantly, the company has established a well-trained and aggressive workforce. First-class staff is the decisive factor for us to achieve the established goals, but alsoensures sustainable development of the company.

Research and develop for more than ten years and continue to insist and create. Future, ZLEE HARDWARE will continue to adhere to the original belief of establishing the company and provide solutions for our customers. That is to create more value for our shareholders and customers while achieving sustainable development. To meet customer needs as the core, customer satisfaction is the basis for the company's success,and we are committed to continuously improve product quality and service level.

Vision of the company:

Customer: our products and solutions are ideal for our customers.

Staff: gain space for development and personal value.

nnovation: developing new markets by developing forward-looking products and processes.

Value: increasing the value of an enterprise through the expansion of brand influence.

Go Beyond Ten Years Of Innovation And Research
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